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OSEA has field offices located in central Oregon, eastern Oregon, Eugene, the north coast, Pendleton, the south coast and southern Oregon, in addition to the Metro Office in Portland and the State Office in Salem. OSEA has got you covered with professional staff throughout the state.
4735 Liberty Rd S 2161 SW 1st St, Ste 102 76604 Turner Rd.
Salem OR 97302-5036 Redmond OR 97756-9587 Rainier OR 97048-2104
Phone: 503-588-0121 Phone: 541-923-0122 Phone: 503-556-9047
Toll-Free: 800-252-6732 Toll-Free: 800-982-9240 Toll-Free: 800-982-7570
Fax: 503-588-8307 Fax: 541-923-6647 Fax: 503-556-9048
Rick Shidaker, Executive Director Bob Bradetich, Field Representative Jim Tift, Field Representative
Barbara Bennett, Accounting Assistant Debbie Erlenbusch, Field Representative
Jason Cox, Communications Specialist II
Connie De Yoe, Education-Training Specialist EUGENE OFFICE PENDLETON OFFICE
Elissa Edge, Organizer 1146 W 7th PO Box 233
Ed Edwards, Director of Government Relations Eugene OR 97402-4616 Pendleton OR 97801
Celest Fitzpatrick, OSEA Project Staff Organizer Phone: 541-485-1832 Phone: 541-215-1900
Linda Hallman, Secretary Toll-Free: 800-982-9220 Toll-Free: 800-260-6395
Mimi Khalili, OSEA Govt. Relations Project Staff Fax: 541-485-6465 Fax: 541-215-1901
Brad Larsen, Director of Fiscal Operations Mary Kay Brant, Field Representative Tracey Miller, Field Representative
Chris McNally, Executive Secretary Glen Stolburg, Field Representative
Jerry Ming, Budget & Research Specialist Jill Simmons, Field Representative
Michael Plett, Communications Specialist I
Richard Ramirez, Director of Organizing
Jedd Rivera, Field Representative METRO OFFICE SOUTH COAST OFFICE
Tricia Smith, Government Relations Specialist 19001 SE McLoughlin Blvd PO Box 1026
Guy Tolstead, Information Tech. Specialist Milwaukie OR 97267-6727 Coos Bay OR 97420-0157
Amanda Wilcox, Secretary Phone: 503-223-1807 Phone: 541-751-1171
Shawn Younce, Custodial-Maintenance Toll-Free: 800-982-9210 Toll-Free: 800-982-9270
Jackie Zell, Secretary Fax: 503-223-9441 Fax: 541-751-1173
Dennis Ziemer, AFT National Representative Kim Bonner, Field Representative Ross Lorenzo, Field Representative
Kieran Carney, Field Representative
Timothy Welp, Field Representative
Shawna Harris, Field Representative SOUTHERN OREGON OFFICE
April Meyerdierk, Organizer* 4480 Rogue Valley Hwy #6
Hal Meyerdierk, Field Representative Central Point OR 97502-7005
Lesly Salinas,  Field Representative Phone: 541-665-2120
Toll-Free: 800-982-9250
Fax: 541-665-2121
Cindy Drought, Field Representative
Susan Greeley, Field Representative
Liz Lee, Secretary