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Government Relations

Government relations is the term used to describe the political and legislative programs and activities of our union. It accurately defines the combined political and legislative efforts of OSEA and the membership to promote and defend the interests of labor, education and other public services at the local, state and federal levels of government.


The 2013 legislative session was a mixed bag for OSEA members. Our most fundamental priorities of increased funding for education from preschool to college and protection of members’ rights and benefits were met for the most part, although in a dramatic fashion. Additional priorities such as improving staff safety, employer transparency and opportunities for schools to provide more nutritious meals to students were also achieved. In spite of these achievements, the constant... Read More


OSEA supports public policy options that provide sufficient funding to ensure that the goals and requirements in the law regarding quality, achievement and access to public education from preschool through college can be met. The improving economy provided the brightest spot in the... Read More


OSEA supports providing schools and students with all the tools and support they need to achieve the quality education envisioned and required by law. OSEA supports policies that promote safe, healthy learning environments with fully trained, high-quality career professionals serving... Read More


Several bills were passed this session that affect the rights and benefits of all employees and two measures that are specific to school and ESD employees.  Read More


In addition to the important bills that passed this session, there were several important bills that OSEA supported and worked hard on that did not pass but still should be mentioned in this report.  Read More